Topographic Vectors and Images by Darian Rosebrook

Topographic Vectors and Images

Spend less time looking for a cool header background


If you want something that gives the ideas of being outdoors while still visually interesting. Try this vector and image pack.

To see a sample before you buy, check out the project here.

.ai, .svg, .png, .jpg files included

Each iteration is slightly different than the last, but all together give a full set.

Images are at 3000x3000, 1536x1024, 800x600.

Full files are for Adobe Ilustrator

Give each of these a try with your next design

What's included?

File Icon 9 files


Topograph Small 2 -
849 KB
Topograph Small 3 -
889 KB
Topograph Small 1 -
829 KB
Topograph Med 1 -
1.76 MB
Topograph Med 2 -
1.87 MB
Topograph Med 3 -
1.85 MB
Topograph Large -
6.62 MB
Topograph Large 2 -
8.72 MB
Topograph Large 3 -
6.61 MB

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