Topographic Vectors and Images by Darian Rosebrook

Topographic Vectors and Images

Spend less time looking for a cool header background


If you want something that gives the ideas of being outdoors while still visually interesting. Try this vector and image pack.

To see a sample before you buy, check out the project here.

.ai, .svg, .png, .jpg files included

Each iteration is slightly different than the last, but all together give a full set.

Images are at 3000x3000, 1536x1024, 800x600.

Full files are for Adobe Ilustrator

Give each of these a try with your next design

What's included?

File Icon 9 files


Topograph Small 2 -
849 KB
Topograph Small 3 -
889 KB
Topograph Small 1 -
829 KB
Topograph Med 1 -
1.76 MB
Topograph Med 2 -
1.87 MB
Topograph Med 3 -
1.85 MB
Topograph Large -
6.62 MB
Topograph Large 2 -
8.72 MB
Topograph Large 3 -
6.61 MB

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Where can I use these?

If you paid for the item, you can use it for anything minus the fact of reselling, regrouping the assets for sale, trademarking or copywriting these files. Feel free to message me at with any further questions

Can I customize this design?

Yes, the vector files can be opened in Adobe Illustrator and each line is editable. You can mix and match colors, which may take some work from your end, but that is why he vector files are there. (:

Do you offer refunds?

I can offer refunds on digital products like this vector kit. However, by asking for a refund, you also return your rights to use the design.

What files are included?

You will get the Adobe Illustrator file. As well as the PNG, JPG and SVG file of each variation